Illegal garbage dumping creates eyesores on our streets, rural roads and destroys the ambience of our community, reducing our quality of life, property values, and a feeling of safety and well being in the community.

Decomposing garbage and other solid waste can provide food and habitat for rats, other rodents and other animals and insects that have the potential to carry disease.

Hazardous materials illegally dumped can cause direct effects on a person’s health, and can get into the water supply and create downstream health effects on people and the environment.

Recently, West Grey Council passed a by-law that prohibits the dumping of refuse or debris on property within the Municipality, other than those areas designated by the Municipality. Every person who contravenes this by-law is subject to a $150.00 fine plus court costs and responsible for all costs associated to the clean up of the refuse by action or adding the costs to the tax roll.

The West Grey Police Service will investigate all garbage dumping complaints and all persons found responsible will be held accountable. Members of the public who witness illegal garbage dumping are encouraged to call police providing as much detail as possible inlcuding exact location, vehicle description and licence plate number and suspect description.

PHOTO: This garbage dumping complaint was investigated recently by the West Grey Police Service. The person responsible was located and charged.

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