Every year local horticultural societies and other groups get involved in a springtime project involving several community volunteers who plant flowers and hang flower baskets around town. These projects beautify our towns and villages and the flowers are admired by both residents and visitors. This in an expensive endeavour and the volunteers work extremely hard throughout the season not only planting these flowers and hanging these baskets, but maintaining them as well. Many residents too spend a lot of money and time beautifying their yards which improves the neighbourhood’s overal appearance.

Yet there are those who for some reason or another mindlessly find the need to vandalize or steal from these fower beds or baskets. The West Grey Police Service will take the appropriate action against those found stealing or destroying flowers. Anyone witnessing any acts or vandalism or theft of flowers is asked to call the West Grey Police Service at 519-364-2411, Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or your local police service.

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