With students soon returning to school the West Grey Police Service would like to provide drivers, parents and students with the following safety tips.

Back to school means more children will be walking and cycling on our roads. Younger children often have limited experience with traffic and lack the skills to negotiate traffic. Going back to school is exciting for many children and after a long summer holiday, many young people may not remember traffic safety rules. Motorists need to take special care while driving.

– Walk on sidewalks where available
-Always cross at intersections
-Do not cross from between parked cars
-Always obey your safety patroller or crossing guard

When crossing at intersections without signals or crossing guards, children should:
-Stop before stepping onto the road
-Increase visibility and indicate crossing intention to motorists
-Look in all directions before crossing
-Stop, look and listen for traffic
-Cross safely when the road is clear
-Walk, don’t run across the road
-Where possible, use the buddy system

When crossing intersections with signals, children should:
-Push the pedestrian button where they exist
-Wait for the pedestrian walk signal
-Stop, look and listen for traffic
-Cross safely when the road is clear
-Walk, don’t run across the road
-Watch for turning cars or trucks

-Be extra cautious when backing out of your driveway
-Reduce speed in residential and school areas
-Be ready to stop at all times. Children do not always notice oncoming traffic
-Watch for children who may enter the roadway from between parked cars
-Always try to make eye contact with children wanting to cross the road
-Be patient and wait for children to complete their crossing before proceeding
-Obey all signs and signals
-Stop when directed to do so by a crossing guard

Drivers also need to be aware that children occupy bus stop areas early in the day and sometimes before daylight hours. Motorists are reminded that all vehicles must come to a complete stop and not pass a stopped school bus with flashing red lights. If you fail to stop for a school bus with flashings lights, you are risking the lives of our children. Additionally, you could face a fine of $490.00 and 6 demerit points. The West Grey Police will be taking a zero tolerance approach towards this violation.

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