As we begin 2009 with new opportunities, hopes and resolutions, I encourage each of you to be aware of what the West Grey Police Service can do for you. I welcome input from anyone who feels the West Grey Police Service could do more or should change in order to better serve and protect the citizens of West Grey. My goal for 2009 is to remain focused on our Community Policing Initiatives and our Mission and Vision Statements (‘click’ on Mission and Vision Statements). I strongly believe that we should keep the citizens of the community informed of some of the highlights and happenings of the service and I encourage you to check this website from time to time where I will be posting these occurrences. Again, I actively seek your comments in pursuing some of the goals which will help to develop an even greater dedication to and productivity within the West Grey Police Service.

All the best to you all in 2009.

Rene M. Berger,
Chief of Police

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