Snowmobilers, please remember that snowmobile trails are not proclaimed, legislated or a right. In most cases snowmobile trails exist because of gracious landowners who allow the use of their property for the enjoyment of snowmobiling. This land use privilege is fundamental to the existence of snowmobile trails which provide many social, recreational and economic advantages to the community. Without the continued cooperation of these generous landowners, trail systems could be significantly diminished. What can you do as a snowmobiler to help keeps trails in place?

-Stay on the trail
-Do no drive erratically
-Leave stakes where they are
-Leave gates and fences alone
-Use snowmobiles only on trails
-Use only in the winter
-Use trail only when it is open
-Respect the landowner, his or her property, the property of others and public property

Remember too, that you are required to carry a valid motor vehicle or snowmobile driver’s licence with you at all times while operating a snowmobile, on a trail or a highway. To obtain a snowmobile driver’s licence you must be at least 12 years of age and this type of licence is only valid on a trail and not the highway. Additionally, it is also mandatory to carry proof of liability insurance with you at all times while snowmobiling. Finally, all drinking and driving laws apply when operating a snowmobile whether on a trail or on the highway.

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