Statistics show that almost half of all seniors 65 and over who are hit by a car crossing the street die. If they survive, they’ll spend at least 6 weeks in hospital. 6 out of 10 seniors will need rehabilitation. 1 out of 10 seniors will require long term chronic care. The majority of pedestrians are injured within 1.5 kms of their own home.

To cross the street safely follow these simple rules, particularly in the winter months or during bad weather when visibility is reduced and motor vehicles take a longer distances to brake. Make sure drivers see you before you cross. Cross at the beginning of a green light. Cross when cars have come to a complete stop. Cross at lights and crosswalks, not from between cars or from the middle of the block.

As a driver, be patient, older pedestrians need more time. Actively look for pedestrians, especially when turning and remember to slow down.

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