With March 1st approaching when ATV’s are permitted on certain West Grey highways I would like to take this opportunity to point out some highlights from West Grey’s ATV Bylaw. They are not permitted to be operated within the Municipality between the hours of 9pm and 5am. They cannot be operated at a speed greater than 30 kilometres per hour below the posted speed limit. They cannot be operated on municipally owned property such as, but not limited to, community centres, parks, playgrounds and beaches and cannot be operated near a church or funeral home when services are in progress. Finally, ATV’s cannot be operated on any of the following streets: In Durham on Saddler St. E. between Garafraxa and Rock Streets, College St from Durham Rd. W. to George St., Chester St. W. from Bruce to the dead end, Garafraxa St. from Durham Rd. E. to Park St., Lambton St. from Rock St. to Queen St. S. and Countess St. to College St. and on Bruce St. from Lambton St. to Chester St. On Mill St. from Queen St. to William St. in Nuestadt and on Louisa St. N. in Ayton from Victoria St. north to the dead end. ATV’s are also not permitted on any Grey County Road. Any contravention of the bylaw will result in a fine of $100.00 plus applicable court costs and victim surcharges. Please remember to be considerate and travel safely.

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