It is that time of year again when ATV’s are permitted on certain West Grey Roads. As such I would like to take this opportunity to offer some safety tips and to remind everyone of some key restrictions listed in the municipal ATV by-law.
When used safely and wisely, an all-terrain vehicle can provide a source of fun and family recreation as well as a useful tool for work and exploring the outdoors. When used unwisely by untrained, inexperienced operators, ATVs can be dangerous. It is the responsibility of all ATV operators to make the sport a safe one. Never consume alcohol or drugs before or during ATV operation. Consuming alcohol or drugs is a factor in more than 40 percent of all ATV-related fatalities. Wear your helmet. It could save your life. Travel at a speed appropriate for the terrain, visibility conditions, and your experience. Wear protective clothing, including: helmet, eye protection, boots, gloves, long pants, and a long sleeved shirt or jacket.
With respect to the municipal by law the description of an ATV includes that it is an off-road vehicle designed to carry a driver only and no passengers. ATV’s cannot be operated between the hours of 9:00 P.M and 5:00 A.M. They cannot be operated at a speed greater that 30 kilometres per hour below the posted speed limit. They cannot be operated near a church or funeral home when services are in progress and they cannot be operated on certain roads within the municipality including County Roads. These and other restrictions can be found on the West Grey website at By-law Number 35-2009. I encourage anyone who witnesses the unsafe operation of an ATV or any contravention of the municipal by-law to call police.

Remember, please use your ATV safely and wisely.

Chief Rene M. Berger

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