During the period of March 19 2017 to March 26 2017 members of the West Grey Police Service              responded to 54 calls for service.

POLICE have laid a large number of charges pursuant to The Highway Traffic Act for speeding. Drivers are reminded that being caught speeding can incur a large fine, a court date, possible vehicle impoundment and drivers licence suspension.

POLICE continue to conduct RIDE programs on area roads. Over 75 vehicles were checked by POLICE during two separate RIDE programs. All drivers were found to be in compliance.

On March 23 POLICE were called to attend a residence in Durham regarding a domestic dispute. The male in the residence was in violation of a court order and attempted to flee from POLICE. The male was apprehended and held for a bail hearing.

On March 23 in the village of Ayton POLICE were called regarding developmentally challenged youth running away from home. POLICE were able to locate the youth and she was returned safely home.

On March 24 in the Town of Durham POLICE were called regarding a drunk female wondering about the street yelling and causing a disturbance. The female was returned to her residence and cautioned regarding being intoxicated in a public place pursuant to The Liquor Licence Act.

On March 24 in the Town of Durham POLICE were called to a landlord tenant dispute. Police informed the landlord that this matter was not a police matter and further that POLICE do not evict tenants. The public is reminded that issues regarding landlords and tenants should be taken before the Landlord Tenant Board for resolution. Calling the POLICE is not a shortcut to the proper legal process.

On March 25 POLICE were called to a rural Normanby Tp address regarding a large out of control field party. POLICE were informed that a number of fights had occurred. POLICE worked with the property owner to end the party and remove unwanted persons form the property. A number of persons were charged pursuant to the Liquor Licence Act.

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