Media Release May 17th to May 20th 2019

Long weekend Media Release



On May 17th 2019, police were dispatched to attend the field behind the Durham Arena on Saddler Street for reports of a grass fire. Upon arrival, the West Grey Fire Department had extinguished what was described to be a small grass fire which caused minimal damage however deemed the fire to have been started intentionally. Police entered into an arson investigation and it was revealed that two youths who were under the age of twelve had been playing with a lighter and when the fire had gotten out of control they had ran away. The young persons were identified and their parents were spoken with. Both parents and police agreed that it would be appropriate for the children to attend the fire station to apologize to the fire fighters. The children were surprised to learn that one of the fire fighters responding to their fire had actually gotten into a car accident while he was on his way to put out the fire. The children were explained the seriousness of their actions and they were apologetic. Upon consultation with the fire department and parents, it was deemed appropriate that they assist in cleaning up a park area as a punishment. Thank you to all of our fire fighters for all you do to keep us safe every day.



On May 19th 2019, the West Grey Police were dispatched to a Durham residence for an assault that had just occurred. Upon police arrival, police interviewed two victims who reported that a resident of their home had been drinking alcohol and becoming both verbally and physically abusive. The victims described being shoved into the wall and threatened. Subsequent to police investigation, a 47 year old Kitchener man was arrested for two counts of assault. The accused was transported to the police station where he was processed and later released on conditions and a promise to appear at the Walkerton Courthouse on June 12th 2019 where he will answer to the charges.



On May 20th 2019, police were dispatched to a residence in regards to a celebration being held at a rural residence where gun shots could be heard. Police attended and were able to confirm that the firearms were registered as well as that the shooter had a valid firearms license. Upon satisfactory inspection, the home owner was asked to be cognizant of the noise that he was making and how it could affect his neighbor’s enjoyment of property. The home owner agreed to stop shooting for the day. The West Grey Police service would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of safe firearm practices and the responsibilities that come with gun ownership. For information about gun safety, please visit

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