The Canada Road Safety Week campaign for 2019 was a great success. The municipal services of Grey Bruce area (West Grey Police, Owen Sound Police, Hanover Police and Saugeen Shores Police Service) partnered together to combat speeding, distracted driving, impaired and fatigued driving as well as a strong enforcement on wearing seatbelts. Between May 14th and 20th together, one-hundred and eleven provincial offence tickets were issued including two people who were found to be driving while their license was under suspension. A total of one-thousand-three-hundred and thirty-eight drivers were checked during RIDE Programs, which assisted in the laying of three impaired driving charges. While this public safety initiative was part of a national effort to help advance Canada’s Road Safety Strategy 2025 to make Canada’s roadways the safest in the world, we are confident that the local efforts made over the past week will contribute to making the Grey Bruce area among the safest roads to drive on in Canada.

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