The Ontario Law Enforcement Torch Run is the largest public awareness fundraiser for Special Olympics.  Known honorably as Guardians of the Flame, law enforcement members and Special Olympics athletes will carry the “Flame of Hope” into the an opening ceremony of during competitions. Today, we are given the opportunity to replicate that as we run through our town and feel a glimmer of the joy that the athletes get to have.

Worldwide annually, more than 97,000 dedicated law enforcement members carry the “Flame of Hope,” symbolizing courage and celebration of diversity uniting communities around the globe. Today, the West Grey Police Service is proud to partner with your school to continue the tradition. Since 1985, Police services have had the honor of partnering with local athletes and provide them with access to funding for their respective sport.

Special Olympics Ontario continues to be the choice charity of the Ontario Association of Chief of Police and it is for a good reason. I had the opportunity to meet several athletes in March at the provincial games celebration and let me tell you, I was impressed! The team spirit and pride the athletes shared shinned as bright as the medals around their necks. To hear their stories and accomplishments was just another reassurance for me that this is something special.

All of the hard work you have done in fund raising has made it possible for athletes to afford to attend the games and travel for competitions so that they can be their bests. I truly believe that the athletes would not have many of the skills or opportunities they do, without your efforts to keep Special Olympics in Ontario.

Thank you to all of the faculty and staff of Spruce Ridge Community School for allowing this to be the host site of our 2019 Torch run and a big thank you to Ms. White for helping to organize the event.

As students run with the flame of hope, they were told to keep it in the back of their minds that all of their efforts have provided opportunities for our Special Olympic athletes to empower and transform themselves, our community and change the world. We all want to change the world and make it a better place and today they did just that. These students are truly Guardians of the Flame.


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