Positive Ticketing is a community based initiative where police officers “catch” kids doing good things and reward them with a voucher or coupon to some free treats. Positive Tickets are issued to youth for good safety practices like wearing their bicycle helmets, or for performing good deeds.

The purpose of the Positive Ticketing Program is to build relationships and trust with the youth in our community and to encourage them for good choices that they make. Having positive interactions between police and young persons, is essential to demonstrating to them that the police are people too and are here to help.

The principles of this innovative approach have been proven to have a lasting impact when police are engaging young people for a positive reason. The West Grey Police Service is a community focused police service and will continue to build trust by remaining involved within the Municipality. We hope that receiving a positive ticket will make police officers more approachable and that it will instill a confidence in our officers if we are ever needed in the future. We hope that the program empowers young people and that we build positive relationships by recognizing the contributions they make in the community.

Being a good citizen may not quite get you a “golden ticket” but it does gets you free fries at the “golden arches!” This year, McDonalds Hanover has sponsored the program by providing officers with “Free French-Fry” vouchers to be given out to youths who are “caught doing good things.” So whether you are crossing the road safely or helping pick up some litter, be prepared because you may just be issued a positive ticket.


Media Inquiries:

Cst. Cory Trainor

Media Relations Officer

West Grey Police Service



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