Legalization of Cannabis Edibles (Cannabis-Infused products, often gummies, candies or baked goods) comes into effect today (Oct 17th) however the newly legalized cannabis products will not be immediately available.


Starting Thursday, Oct. 17, licensed producers can begin submitting their edible and topical products to Health Canada however those products will then be subjected to a sixty to ninety day approval and procurement process by Health Canada. Because of the approval process, the earliest that the new products can be sold legally won’t be until mid-December. Once approved, the products will be available for those 19 years of age and older through licensed retailers or online from the Ontario Cannabis Store.


Health Canada will maintain strict rules on labelling to prevent companies from making the products more attractive to young people. The packaging and labelling will have to have a clear cannabis symbol, a health warning listing the product’s tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidol (CBD) content, limited use of logos and colours, and the child-resistant packaging.

Police are urging the public to store their Cannabis away and out of access from children. The latency period after consuming edibles can range from half an hour to four hours before the full effect kicks in which is why it is important to never operate a motor vehicle after consuming edibles. The penalty for driving a vehicle while impaired by cannabis is the same as if you were to be impaired by alcohol. Finally, police are stressing to parents the importance of inspecting your children’s Halloween candy as many of the illicit cannabis edibles being presently sold is packaged in ways very similar to common candy brands.

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