Animal Abuse

On Sunday October 20th, 2019 at approximately 5:00pm, police were dispatched to attend Rocky Church road in the Glenelg area in regards to four puppies that had been found deceased. The complainant had been walking down the roadway when he found the four puppies of an undetermined breed wrapped in newspaper. The puppies are believed to be less than one week old and were a greyish color. This investigation is ongoing and police are asking anyone with information to call the West Grey Police Service at 519-371-6911.


Stolen Pick-Up Truck – Gas Drive Off

On Friday, October 25th 2019, a 25 to 30 year old male drove off with $113.01 worth of gas from Shell (Grey Road 28/Bruce Road 10) without paying. The man was driving a black Ford F150 with the Harley Davidson edition gold trim package. A post on our social media platforms with a photo of the truck resulted in a heavy outpouring from the public stating that this vehicle matches the description of one that had been stolen from the Williamsford area on October 23rd. Police services across the region have been notified and will continue to search for the suspect vehicle. Should you encounter the un-plated truck, contact 519-371-6911 to report its location to police.

False Alarms

West Grey Police Service responded to three false alarm calls this week, two at residences and one at a local business. All residents of West Grey are required under by-law number 95-2006 to register their residential and business Security Alarm Systems with the West Grey Police Service. Where an Alarm Registration Certificate has not been issued for the Security Alarm System responsible for the False Alarm, a fee of $200 is charged for failing to register the alarm in addition to the $50 charge for the false alarm.


West Grey police have investigated seven motor vehicle collisions over the past seven days. In two of these collisions, injuries were sustained and roadways had to be closed for a short time frame. Five of the collisions involved vehicles colliding with deer and as such, police are asking drivers to be cognizant of the higher presence of wildlife, especially from sunset to sunrise.


West Grey Police responded to several incidents involving mischief to road signs.  In one incident a stop sign had been stolen and in another a stop sign was bent to a 45 degree angle.  These acts endanger the safety of the public and could have resulted in serious negative consequences.  Police are continuing to investigate this matter and ask anyone with information to call the West Grey Police Service at 519-371-6911 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

R.I.D.E programs

West Grey Police continue to conduct regular RIDE programs throughout the municipality which resulted in one driver having his licence suspended this week for three days after he registered a WARN (Blood Alcohol Content, Between .05 and .08 ) on the roadside approved screening device. Many drivers have the misconception that the legal limit is .08 however provincially, you cannot drive a motor vehicle with a B.A.C over .05.


On Tuesday October 22nd, 2019 police responded to a call at a Concession 2 NDR business after it was discovered that the windows of one of their trucks and their office had been smashed sometime overnight. This investigation is ongoing and anyone with information is being asked to contact the West Grey Police Service at 519-371-6911 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.


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