1) On 6 Jan 2020, a male and female from the Hensell area were arrested on WG warrants for failing to attend court in regards to charges of possession of stolen property over $5,000 x 2 and possession of stolen property under $5,000 x 2 stemming from an investigation on 10 Jan 2019. The couple were released pending a Walkerton Court date at the end of January 2020.

2) On 8 Jan 2020, a female was arrested on a WG warrant for theft under $5,000 which had occurred at the Durham Laundry Mat on 25 Nov 2019. She was subsequently released with a Walkerton court date in January 2020.

3) On 9 Jan 2020, a female turned herself in on a WG warrant for a domestic related charge which had occurred in early Dec 2019. She was subsequently released with a Walkerton court date in February.

4) Between 4 – 10 Jan 2020, WGPS conducted 7 RIDE programs at different locations within the Municipality. One three day drivers licence suspension was issued when a driver blew a warn on the road side ASD (approved screening device) and a number of Highway Traffic offences were also charged to various driver’s.

5) During the week of 4 – 10 Jan 2020, WGPS investigated 16 motor vehicle collisions, fortunately there were no serious injuries however, a number of the vehicles sustained substantial damage. Due to the regions rapid and ever changing weather driver’s must be careful when negotiating the varying road conditions.