Alarm By-law Registration


The Municipality of West Grey By-Law number 95-2006 is to establish a system for the registration of Security Alarm Systems and reduction of false alarms for enforcement by the West Grey Police Service.

All residents of West Grey are required under by-law number 95-2006 to register their residential and business Security Alarm Systems with the West Grey Police Service.

After registration, the Alarm Registration Certificate will be held by the West Grey Police Service.

A one time fee of $50 is charged for an alarm registration.

Where the West Grey Police Service is required to attend a building, structure or premises as a result of an Alarm Incident that is a False Alarm, a fee of $50.00 shall be charged to the Registration Certificate holder.

Where an Alarm Registration Certificate has not been issued for the Security Alarm System responsible for the False Alarm, a fee of $200 is charged for failing to register the alarm in addition to the $50 charge for the false alarm.

Click here to download the Alarm Registration PDF to your computer. Print and complete the form and follow the instructions on this page to complete the transaction.

Alarm Registration Form
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