Request for Destruction of Biometric Information

It is the policy of the West Grey Police Service that, upon written request, the West Grey Police Service will destroy adult fingerprints, photographs and records of dispositions associated with non-conviction disposition(s) after the expiration of all applicable appeal processes, or, in the case of a stay of proceedings, after a period of one year.

Conditions apply and so we encourage you to download the PDF at the bottom of this page with more information including our fax number and address for submitting destruction requests.

It should be noted that this process only allows for the destruction of fingerprints, photographs and records of disposition held by the West Grey Police Service. Any associated West Grey Police Service reports maintained on in-service databases are subject to retention in accordance with the West Grey Police Service Record Retention Schedule.

Consideration will be given to each appeal request and a decision will be rendered within sixty days of receipt of all documents required to complete the appeal process.

West Grey Police Service Destruction of Biometric Information Request Form

WGPSSP-027 Destruction of Fingerprints

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